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What If

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After awakening from a coma, Hashir struggles to distinguish between the idyllic life he remembers and the harsh reality he uncovers, embarking on a quest to find the elusive woman from his dreams, Mirha, only to discover that the true source of happiness lies within himself.

In “What If?”, Hashir emerges from a coma to find his reality fractured, unable to reconcile the perfect life he remembers with the unsettling truths he begins to uncover. Haunted by memories of a woman named Mirha, who embodies his ideal of happiness, Hashir becomes consumed by a relentless pursuit to find her, convinced that she holds the key to his salvation.

As Hashir delves deeper into his quest, he encounters obstacles both external and internal, including a shadowy figure working to thwart his every move. With the help of his estranged sister Sara and a compassionate stranger named Adam, Hashir confronts buried traumas and wrestles with his own insecurities, all while navigating a labyrinth of deception and self-discovery.

As the boundaries between reality and illusion blur, Hashir is forced to confront the painful truths of his past and the consequences of his actions. In a poignant twist of fate, he ultimately realizes that the love and happiness he sought externally were within him all along, leading to a profound journey of self-acceptance and understanding.

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