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Vagary Short Film

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Stranded without signal, a young woman seeks help from a sympathetic stranger, only to stumble upon a chilling secret that threatens to unravel both their lives.

In “Vagary,” when Mia’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, she’s forced to seek refuge at the nearest house. Knocking on the door of a solitary man, Ethan, she’s relieved to find him accommodating, despite his evident grief over a recent breakup. As they engage in conversation, Mia learns about Ethan’s shattered relationship with his now-deceased girlfriend.

When Ethan steps out to prepare coffee, Mia’s curiosity gets the better of her, leading her to explore his home. In a shocking twist, she discovers the lifeless body of Ethan’s ex-girlfriend concealed in a room. Terrified and unsure of what to do, Mia grapples with the implications of her discovery as Ethan returns.

Tensions escalate as Ethan realizes Mia has stumbled upon the truth. Caught in a precarious situation, Mia must navigate a dangerous game of trust and deceit, uncertain of whom she can rely on. As the truth unravels, both Mia and Ethan are forced to confront their darkest secrets, leading to a harrowing climax that will change their lives forever.

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