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Mirror mirror

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“Mirror Mirror” delves into the dark consequences of black magic as a young woman’s obsession with a wealthy man leads her down a path of obsession, manipulation, and supernatural terror.
Genre: Supernatural Horror/Drama

“Mirror Mirror” centers on Maya, a young woman deeply infatuated with Adam, a wealthy businessman who shows no interest in her romantic advances. Fueled by desperation and jealousy, Maya turns to black magic in a misguided attempt to make Adam fall in love with her.
Using ancient rituals and forbidden spells, Maya summons dark forces and manipulates supernatural entities to bend Adam’s will to hers. However, her actions unleash unforeseen consequences as the black magic backfires, leading to a series of terrifying events that spiral out of control.
As Maya’s obsession intensifies and the lines between reality and the supernatural blur, she becomes trapped in a nightmarish world where her desires come with a heavy price. Haunted by malevolent spirits and tormented by guilt, Maya must confront the darkness within herself and the terrifying consequences of her actions.
“Mirror Mirror” is a gripping tale of obsession, consequences, and the supernatural, exploring themes of power, temptation, and the dangers of delving into forbidden realms in pursuit of love.

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