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“Join the Class” is a gripping drama inspired by real events, following the tumultuous aftermath of an unconventional teaching experiment that divides a class, blurring the lines between authority, obedience, and the consequences of unchecked power.
Genre: Drama/Thriller

Mirha, a bright and ambitious student in her second semester of college, finds herself at the center of a social experiment initiated by their new Islamic Studies teacher, Mr. Rahman. Drawing inspiration from “The Third Wave Experiment,” Mr. Rahman implements strict rules, hierarchies, and ideologies within the classroom, turning it into a microcosm of a totalitarian regime.
Initially intrigued by the experiment’s premise of discipline and order, Mirha and her classmates soon witness the dark side of unchecked authority as Mr. Rahman’s methods become increasingly manipulative and oppressive. The class becomes divided between those who conform to the rigid structure and those who resist, leading to conflicts, betrayals, and moral dilemmas.
As tensions escalate and the experiment spirals out of control, Mirha finds herself questioning her beliefs, loyalty, and the consequences of blindly following authority. She forms alliances with fellow students seeking to challenge Mr. Rahman’s authority and restore balance to the classroom dynamics.
“Join the Class” delves into themes of power dynamics, conformity, individuality, and the dangers of extremism, offering a thought-provoking exploration of human behavior under authoritarian influence and the resilience of those who dare to question the status quo.

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