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In new World

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“In New World” tells the poignant tale of forbidden love between two young women from different cultural backgrounds, navigating societal norms, personal convictions, and the tumultuous journey of self-acceptance and sacrifice.
Genre: Romance/Drama

Aisha, a devout Muslim girl from a conservative family, leaves her home country to pursue higher education in a foreign land. There, she meets and falls deeply in love with Emma, a free-spirited artist who challenges Aisha’s beliefs and perceptions of love.
As their relationship blossoms, Aisha grapples with the conflict between her love for Emma and her upbringing, which condemns same-sex relationships. She tries to resist her feelings, seeking solace in her faith and cultural identity, but the heartache of denying her true self becomes unbearable.
Meanwhile, Emma, who is unaware of the societal pressures and religious constraints Aisha faces, struggles to understand the distance and hesitation in their relationship. The two women are torn between their love for each other and the expectations imposed by their families and society.
Their love story unfolds against the backdrop of cultural differences, prejudice, and the universal desire for acceptance and authenticity. As tensions escalate and the stakes become higher, Aisha and Emma must confront their inner conflicts and decide whether to follow their hearts or conform to external pressures.
“In New World” is a poignant exploration of love, identity, and courage, highlighting the challenges faced by individuals navigating forbidden love in a world that often dictates who they should be and who they can love.

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