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Horror Lurking at night

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“Horror Lurking at Night” is a spine-chilling web series that explores the haunting secrets of a new house and the vengeful spirits that lurk within, terrorizing a family unaware of the sinister forces surrounding them.
Genre: Horror/Supernatural

“Horror Lurking at Night” follows the harrowing experiences of the Singh family, who move into a seemingly idyllic new home, only to discover that it harbors dark secrets and malevolent entities. As strange occurrences escalate, the family becomes ensnared in a nightmarish realm of horror and supernatural terror.
The series introduces viewers to the Singh family – Rohit, Anjali, and their teenage daughter Alisha – as they settle into their new home with hopes of a fresh start. However, their initial excitement turns to dread as they encounter unexplained phenomena, eerie sounds, and unsettling visions that suggest a sinister presence lurking in the shadows.
As the paranormal activity intensifies, Rohit and Anjali struggle to protect their family and uncover the truth behind the haunting. Alisha, drawn to the mystery of the house, delves deeper into the dark history of the property, uncovering a tragic past and a vengeful spirit seeking retribution.
“Horror Lurking at Night” weaves a chilling narrative of suspense, terror, and supernatural encounters, as the Singh family confronts their deepest fears and fights to survive against forces beyond their comprehension. The series explores themes of guilt, redemption, and the consequences of past sins in a thrilling and suspenseful supernatural tale.

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