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Forbidden Devotion

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“Forbidden Devotion” is a heartfelt short film that delves into the internal conflict of a religious man torn between his love for a tailor and the expectations of his faith, highlighting the struggle between passion and piety.
Genre: Drama/Romance

In “Forbidden Devotion,” Maulana Saad, a respected molvi devoted to his religious teachings and duties, finds himself unexpectedly falling in love with Ali, a skilled darzi (tailor) known for his craftsmanship and kind heart. Despite Maulana Saad’s initial attempts to suppress his feelings due to societal norms and religious doctrines, his attraction and affection for Ali continue to grow stronger.
Caught between his deep-rooted faith and his forbidden love, Maulana Saad grapples with conflicting emotions and inner turmoil. He knows that pursuing a romantic relationship with Ali goes against the teachings of his religion and could jeopardize his standing within the community.
On the other hand, Ali is someone who follows his heart without hesitation, believing in the power of love and authenticity. His unwavering devotion to Maulana Saad challenges the molvi to confront his own fears, prejudices, and beliefs about love, acceptance, and identity.
“Forbidden Devotion” unfolds as a poignant exploration of the human heart’s capacity for love, the complexities of religious identity, and the struggle to reconcile personal desires with societal expectations. It is a story of courage, acceptance, and the transformative power of love in breaking down barriers and challenging established norms.

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