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Deadly Vows

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“Deadly Vows” follows a couple caught in a web of adultery who take drastic measures to end their illicit affairs, leading to a deadly game of deceit, betrayal, and consequences.
Genre: Thriller/Drama

Zara and Ahsan, a seemingly happy married couple, are both engaged in extramarital affairs with Ali and Mariam, respectively. As their secret relationships escalate and tensions rise, Ali and Mariam pressure Zara and Ahsan to leave their spouses and start anew.
However, the prospect of divorce brings forth fears of societal judgment and reputational damage. Unable to break free from their marriages without consequences, Zara and Ahsan hatch a dark plan to eliminate their spouses instead, believing it to be the only way to resolve their tangled web of lies and deceit.
As the couple delves deeper into their sinister plot, they must confront their own morals, guilt, and the harsh realities of their choices. “Deadly Vows” explores themes of betrayal, desperation, and the lengths people will go to protect their secrets, ultimately leading to a shocking and gripping conclusion.

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