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Logline:”Chehlum” is a captivating documentary that offers an intimate look into the traditions and preparations of a Shia community as they observe Chehlum, providing insight into the cultural significance and rituals surrounding this important event.
Genre: Documentary

“Chehlum” immerses viewers in the vibrant and meaningful traditions of the Shia community as they come together to commemorate Chehlum, a significant religious observance marking the end of the forty-day mourning period following Ashura.
The documentary centers on a particular household where preparations for Chehlum are underway. Viewers witness the meticulous arrangements, heartfelt prayers, and communal gatherings as family members and neighbors join hands to honor the martyrs of Karbala and uphold the spirit of unity and remembrance.
Through candid interviews, evocative visuals, and immersive storytelling, “Chehlum” delves into the spiritual, cultural, and emotional dimensions of this sacred occasion, highlighting the shared values of faith, resilience, and solidarity that unite the Shia community during Chehlum.

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