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At Europa

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In the year 3000, a scientist sent to Europa to create life finds herself stranded with only an AI for company. As she makes a breakthrough in her experiments, she learns of Earth’s demise, leaving her to grapple with solitude and the responsibility of being the last human alive.
Genre: Science Fiction/Drama

“At Europa” is a gripping science fiction drama set in the distant future. Dr. Maya Lane, a brilliant scientist, is sent on a mission to Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, to conduct groundbreaking experiments aimed at creating life in the icy depths of its ocean.
Accompanied only by an advanced AI system named ECHO and equipped with a sophisticated spaceship capable of synthesizing resources, Maya begins her solitary journey. However, her experiments consistently fail, leading to frustration and isolation as she struggles to make progress in her mission.
One day, Maya experiences a breakthrough in her research, a glimmer of success amidst the constant setbacks. Excited by the prospect of fulfilling her mission, Maya’s elation is short-lived when she detects a catastrophic event on Earth through her spaceship’s communication system.
Fearing the worst, Maya frantically tries to establish contact with Earth, but all her attempts go unanswered. As she continues to monitor the situation, the truth gradually dawns on her – Earth has been destroyed, and she is the sole survivor of the human race.
Overwhelmed by grief and solitude, Maya faces a profound existential crisis. With no one to share her discovery or experiences, she decides to return to Earth, hoping to uncover the truth behind humanity’s downfall.
Upon reaching Earth, Maya is confronted with a desolate landscape devoid of life. She explores abandoned cities, haunted by memories of a lost civilization. Amidst the ruins, Maya grapples with loneliness, survivor’s guilt, and the immense responsibility of being the last human being alive.
“At Europa” is a thought-provoking exploration of human resilience, existentialism, and the consequences of scientific ambition in a world devoid of companionship and purpose.

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